Manuel Altman, Contents & Solutions Business Manager , LG Electronics

Carlos Hulett Guinand, Ceo & founder, VivoPlay

Guillermo Bertossi, VP Engineering, Fox International Channels

Gustavo Castro, Marketing y Contenidos - Servicio On Video, Telefónica de Argentina

Emilio Martinic, CEO, OTT Chile

Federico De León, CTO, Montecable

Ariel Fernández Alvarado, Gerente General, Cooperativa Telviso

Miguel Fernandez, Gerente Técnico, Cablevisión Argentina

Roman Guasch, Business Development Director, Turner Broadcasting System Latin America

Gonzalo Hita, Gerente Comercial, Cablevisión Argentina

Jorge Notarianni, Director Ingenieria y Operaciones, The Walt Disney Company

Javier Ruete, TCC Uruguay, CEO

Alberto Pose, Gerente, Unicable

Pablo Hatcherian, Product and Marketing Manager , Gigared

Horacio Martinez, President, Datco

Mariano Primavera, CTO, Qubit TV

Daniel Borovsky, Gerente de Operaciones y Técnica, America Medios

Ezequiel Ardigó, Director TV Everywhere Latam, A&E Mundo

Edgardo Folla, Consumer goods Marketing Manager, Philips TV

Eduardo Goycoolea, Gerente de Negocios Otras Plataformas, TVN (Televisión Nacional de Chile)

Gustavo Marino, TV Product Marketing Manager, Samsung Electronics

Ricardo Nugué, Director, VEOFLIX

Why attend?

The NexTV Summit is the most important South America Conference and Demo in the new TV & Broadband landscape to advance the opportunities presented by the new added-value services, including Hybrid, OTT-VOD, Multiscreens, Interactive TV, IP Telephony, Ultrabroadband (FTTH & Docsis 3.0).

The conference is rich in service and technology provider case studies with some demos. No other event offers the opportunity to meet and network with local decision makers to discuss about their projects related to the new ways to access broadband services and content: Triple Play services, Opportunities for DVB-S/C, Hybrid business model, VOD and catch up, Connected TV/TV widgets, TV everywhere…

Who will you meet?

More than 350 attendees. A focused conference.