• June 14th & 15th 2017
    Plaza Hotel Buenos Aires
  • Welcome to NexTV Series South America 2017


    Meet and network with TV & OTT industry leaders, pay TV operators, broadcasters and media groups.

    TV as we know is fading and second generation OTT is coming to Latin America.

    Dataxis gathers Pay TV, Cinema, DTH, IPTV, Broadcasters, TV channels and OTT Executives at a leading conference that opens debate on new business models, presents new services and deepens relationships between technology providers, service providers, producers, value aggregators, and content distributors.

    Do not miss this new revolution in the television business!


    Event highlights

    All TV/ Video ecosystem


    16+ Hours of networking


    + 80% senior executives

    TV Draw

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    Speakers 2016

    Industry-Led Speakers

    Hear from the leaders in the TV ecosystem on how they have overcome obstacles to launch successful OTT and TV Everywhere services in a diverse market.

    Join hundreds of your peers

    TV Industry leaders, film and OTT, pay TV operators and broadcast TV programmers, film and TV producers, regulators, companies, media groups and technology providers.

    Meet the decision makers

    Director and C-level attendees are here to forge new partnerships, deepen relationships and explore new strategic opportunities.

    Learn on the new Online Video business:

    S-VOD OTT, linear Pay TV OTT services, free OTT channels and Multi-Channel Networks are in a booming stage in Latin America as well as in developed countries.

    Get Market Insights

    New OTT and TV competitors, trends, forecasts, technology roadmaps, arrival of new services and new business models, benchmarking with US, European and Asian markets.

    Update your strategies

    See how Pay TV operators and FTA broadcasters are re-inventing their selves to face the arrival of new OTT competitors and the migration of “millennials” audience to Internet


    Main Topics for the 9th edition – 2016

    TV & Cinema Producers: How to participate of the OTT business:
    • How to negotiate with Netflix and OTTs?
    • Is it possible to create alternative OTTs?
    • Strategies to avoid online piracy

    Pay TV Channels & Operators: How to attract future consumers?
    • TV Everywhere as the axis of the transformation process of pay TV
    • TV business transformation: multi-screens models
    • The challenge of new competition
    • New regulatory framework with the inclusion or not of OTT services
    • “Millennials” and changes in consuption
    • HBO now and programmers OTT packages

    Free & advertising-based OTT´s & Multichannel networks in YouTube
    • How multichannel networks are built
    • Free VOD: It´s an advertising-based model possible?
    • How the YouTube business works. Income. Commercialization
    • Strategies towards multiple video social networks: Vimeo, Snapchat
    • How to lunch our own platform?
    • Branded content

    FTA Broadcast TV towards multiscreen and OTT
    • Multiscreen strategies for FTA TV
    • Is it worth to do specific productions?
    • How to commercialize video streaming
    • The boom of FTA TV channels in YouTube

    Radio becomes TV through OTT´s
    • Is traditional radio disappearing? It´s mandatory a video strategy?
    • Hit & miss in emblematic cases
    • How video streaming is monetized
    • VOD and live systems

    Technological leaders (CTOs) and the future of TV new technologies
    • How TV will be consumed in the future?
    • Will streaming substitute broadcasting?
    • 4K and Ultra HD migration will move forward due to the Olympics, or slow down due to the economic crisis?
    • What are the most important new devices for video consumption?

    VOD OTT strategies for subscription in Argentina
    • VOD OTT´s combined with Pay TV: Has traditional VOD died?
    • The new linear OTT Pay TV phenomenon with channel packages
    • Does the transactional model work?
    • Device strategies: OTT boxes, smartphones, Smart TVs

    Large print media and migration to OTT video
    • Inclusion of video contents in print media web portals
    • Related audiovisual means and own production
    • The importance of digital divisions
    • AD video networks and the growth of advertising in video
    • Revenue models

    Music business and the online video audience boom
    • Strategies in Vimeo and YouTube
    • Music multichannel networks
    • Spotify and the video business
    • Subscription, advertising and online music selling revenues

    OTT services regulation
    • Should OTT services be nationally regulated?
    • Tax inclusion, commercial & services regulation, content regulation
    • Should they hold a license?

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